Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Resolution 2015

During his sermon last Sunday, Pastor Peter tossed in a suggestion that reading the Bible a bit more
during the coming year wouldn't go astray.

There are many excellent reasons to read the Bible: read it as fine literature, read it as history, as spiritual guidance and inspiration, read it as a cultural icon. I haven't read enough of it, and I'm determined not to go to my grave a Biblical illiterate.

I've discovered many good programmes on-line for reading the whole Bible in one year, but I'm partial to this site:  the Online Parallel Bible, which let's me choose from 21 different translations (it's usually the King James for me, thanks), and for the more diligent scholars, the original Greek and Hebrew are there, too. I also appreciate that they offer numerous links to commentaries, and summaries for each book to put it into context.

Since moving to Cambodia in March 2014, my reading in general has decreased -- partly because I've been spending more time studying spoken and written Khmer, and partly due to sheer lethargy. I need to be more structured with my reading, establishing set times for Bible, Khmer and everything else. When I first moved here, I resolved to clean my floors every morning before having my coffee. I've managed to hold to that resolution, and now it's become habit. If I can't show the same dedication to the Bible as I show to my mop, I'm in trouble.


  1. But having clean floors is surely a lot more important than going to Heaven or at least avoiding Hell, don't you think?

    1. Well, to be honest, my Bible-reading resolution has little to do with heaven or hell. Our mutual friend Ellen has already invited me to join her in the "barbecue section". Yes, there's a spiritual component to the endeavour, but also literary and cultural reasons to see it through.

      I understand, though, that the book of Leviticus goes on at great length about cleanliness, so I should get a good dose of OCD Old Testament style in February or so.


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